Charlie's Sales Staff

Charlie's Sales Staff

Here are just some of the people that make up the Charlie's Family. We all look forward to serving you for your next purchase or servicing your current vehicle. Go back to Charlie's Motor Mall.

Charlie's Motor Mall - (207) 622-7327

Tim DiBenedetti

Tim DiBenedetti - Sales

Motor Mall General Sales Manager

12 years with the Charlie's Family

Tim DiBenedetti
Tim D.
John Gallo
John G.
Isaac Witham
Isaac W.
Mike Mahoney
Mike M.
Andrew Dupont
Andrew D.
Bob Webber
Bob W.
Caleb Ginn
Caleb G.
Cody Martin
Cody M.
Gabriel Lahti
Gabriel L.
James Mayo
James M.
Jeremy Dailey.
Jeremy D.
Lexi Webber
Lexi W.
Logan Dudley
Logan D.
Andrew  'Pudge'  O'Hearn
Andrew O.
Tina Webber
Tina W.
Jay Wolfington
Jay W.
Randy Roux
Randy R.
Zachary Williams
Zachary W.
Cory Lathrop
Cory L.
Hiedi Laliberte
Hiedi L.
Darrell Bowie
Darrell B.
Judy Shawley
Judy S.
Greg Eaton
Greg E.
April McCaslin
April M.
Brian Tompkins
Brian T.
Denise Chapman
Denise C.
Jeremy Fairfield
Jeremy F.
Dave Gardner
Dave G.
Josh Gilman
Josh G.
Jared LeBlond
Jared L.
Chip Malcolm
Chip M.
Dennis Corson
Dennis C.
Troy Humphrey
Troy H.

Charlie's Chevrolet - (207) 377-2236

Tom Towle

Tom Towle - Sales

General Sales Manager

8 years with the Charlie's Family

Tom Towle
Tom T.
Eric Lindholm
Eric L.
Jed Crommett
Jed C.
Justin Staggs
Justin S.
Paul Dustin
Paul D.
Roger Marecaux
Roger M.
Donny Woodbury
Donny W.
Jeremy Collman
Jeremy C.
Bob Ouellette
Bob O.
Zach Fletcher
Zach F.
Kirk Metcalf
Kirk M.
Ben Landry
Ben L.
John Carroll
John C.
Kyle Haskell
Kyle H.
Logan Melcher
Logan M.
Scott Bayles Jr.
Scott J.
Steve Shaw
Steve S.

Charlie's Honda - (207) 622-4776

Todd Allaire

Todd Allaire - Sales

Honda General Sales Manager

16 years with the Charlie's Family

Todd began selling Honda's in 1991 for Bob Chambers on State St. in Augusta, and later on for Paul Blouin. 14 years later, when Charlie's purchased the Honda franchise, Todd stayed on to become the General Sales Manager. When not at work, Todd enjoys family time and watching his two boys compete in sporting events.

Todd Allaire
Todd A.
Josh Hall
Josh H.
Ray Blanchard
Ray B.
Deune Hardy
Deune H.
Mike McGrail
Mike M.
Pat Michaud
Pat M.
Sallyann Cote
Sallyann C.
Alan Kenney
Alan K.
Fenway F.
Myko M.
Alex Musica
Alex M.
Lori Kenney
Lori K.
Mark Daigle
Mark D.
Chad Sullivan
Chad S.
Jared 'Gilly' Gilbert
Jared G.
Mitch Van Horn
Mitch H.
Rick Garland
Rick G.
Jess Fortin
Jess F.
Shawn Shaw
Shawn S.
J.J. Steeves
J.J. S.
Bob Sanborn
Bob S.
Casey Tilton
Casey T.
Isaiah Cochran
Isaiah C.
Matt Martin
Matt M.
Chris Beaudoin
Chris B.
Jake Gagne
Jake G.
Robbie Robinson
Robbie R.

Charlie's Subaru - (207) 213-2700

Doug Jurdak

Doug Jurdak - Sales

Subaru General Sales Manager

26 years with the Charlie's Family

Doug started at Charlie's Subaru in 1987 as a Salesmen when The only franchise Charlie's had was Subaru. He has always loved the Subaru product has worked several different positions including Sales and Finance. He is now the Subaru General Sales Manager.

Doug Jurdak
Doug J.
Ashton Williams
Ashton W.
Bradford Laliberte
Bradford L.
George Main
George M.
Kevin Baker
Kevin B.
Mark 'Baggler' Eichenbaum
Mark E.
Niklaus Justard
Niklaus J.
Ryan Fortin
Ryan F.
Mitch 'Truffle' Wight
Mitch W.
Tony Quatrano
Tony Q.
Frank Arbour
Frank A.
Ben Violette
Ben V.
Todd Shane
Todd S.
Linda Mayo
Linda M.
Mike Gregoire
Mike G.

Charlie's Toyota - (207) 622-4748

Nicolas Chabot

Nicolas Chabot - Sales

Toyota General Sales Manager

15 years with the Charlie's Family

Nicolas Chabot
Nicolas C.
Jeff Hanson
Jeff H.
Rich Asselin
Rich A.
Scott Rackliff
Scott R.
Sean Lilly
Sean L.
Chris St.Pierre
Chris S.
Harold Hutchins
Harold H.
Kurt MacKenzie
Kurt M.
Kevin Dawes
Kevin D.
Travis Zimba
Travis Z.
Sam Saunders
Sam S.
Doug Ebert
Doug E.
Joshua Connor
Joshua C.
Paul Flood
Paul F.
Kent Taylor
Kent T.
Cindy Sirois
Cindy S.
Craig Davis
Craig D.
Scott Jaques
Scott J.
Alan Barrows
Alan B.
Ben Deming
Ben D.
Bruno Gauthier
Bruno G.
Cory Brackley
Cory B.
Don Myers
Don M.
Eric Willett
Eric W.
Evan Baker
Evan B.
Shawn Farnsworth
Shawn F.
Anthony Sapiel
Anthony S.
Austin Sirois
Austin S.
Dakota Withee
Dakota W.
Joshua Shaw
Joshua S.

Charlie's Service Contact Center - (207) 213-2702

Bud Sergent

Bud Sergent - Service

Service Contact Center Manager

19 years with the Charlie's Family

Bud’s car days go back to 1984 when he began selling Toyotas at Dave Gove Toyota in Augusta. A few years later, Bud moved to O’Connor GMC, working as a service manager in the service department. Bud came to Charlie’s Toyota to work in the service department in 2003 and has been with the company ever since. He has worked in almost every store, but calls Honda his home. Bud is known in the community for his participation in Gardiner youth athletics. Bud spends his time away from work with his wife Linda, three children and his grandson.

Bud Sergent
Bud S.
Nichole Wright
Nichole W.
Shyanne Hanson
Shyanne H.

Charlie's Collision Center - (207) 626-0895

Stacy Turner

Stacy Turner - Service

Body Shop Manager

23 years with the Charlie's Family

Stacy Turner
Stacy T.
Doug Fish
Doug F.
Blake Higgins
Blake H.
Mark Soucy
Mark S.
Bryan Dutton
Bryan D.
Duane Love
Duane L.
Fred Morgan
Fred M.
John Soucy
John S.
Ned Mcpherson
Ned M.
Norm Gosselin
Norm G.
Taylor Simmons
Taylor S.
Tim Smith
Tim S.
Zack Lathrop
Zack L.
Sarah Nichols
Sarah N.

Charlie's Kia - (207) 622-6621

Joseph Ronco

Joseph Ronco - Sales

Kia Sales Manager

8 years with the Charlie's Family

Joseph Ronco
Joseph R.
Joey Furrow
Joey F.

Charlie's Public Wholesale - (207) 620-8588

Jeff Sprague

Jeff Sprague - Sales

Mitsubishi Sales Manager

7 years with the Charlie's Family

Jeff Sprague
Jeff S.
Anthony LaVersa
Anthony L.
Philip Newman
Philip N.
Syerra Oliver
Syerra O.