Charlie's Sales Staff

Charlie's Sales Staff

Here are just some of the people that make up the Charlie's Family. We all look forward to serving you for your next purchase or servicing your current vehicle. Go back to Charlie's Motor Mall.

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Tim DiBenedetti

Tim DiBenedetti - Sales

Motor Mall General Sales Manager

11 years with the Charlie's Family

Tim DiBenedetti
Tim D.
John Gallo
John G.
Isaac Witham
Isaac W.
Mike Mahoney
Mike M.
Andrew Dupont
Andrew D.
Bob Webber
Bob W.
Caleb Ginn
Caleb G.
Cody Martin
Cody M.
Gabriel Lahti
Gabriel L.
James Mayo
James M.
Jeremy Dailey.
Jeremy D.
Lexi Webber
Lexi W.
Logan Dudley
Logan D.
Andrew  'Pudge'  O'Hearn
Andrew O.
Tina Webber
Tina W.
Jay Wolfington
Jay W.
Randy Roux
Randy R.
Zachary Williams
Zachary W.
Cory Lathrop
Cory L.
Hiedi Laliberte
Hiedi L.
Darrell Bowie
Darrell B.
Judy Shawley
Judy S.
Greg Eaton
Greg E.
April McCaslin
April M.
Brian Tompkins
Brian T.
Denise Chapman
Denise C.
Jeremy Fairfield
Jeremy F.
Dave Gardner
Dave G.
Josh Gilman
Josh G.
Jared LeBlond
Jared L.
Chip Malcolm
Chip M.
Dennis Corson
Dennis C.
Troy Humphrey
Troy H.

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